About us

Hello … I am Tina Hackel, now living back in my home country Switzerland. For 10 years I have lived with my husband Alex in Florida, where he in 2002 got diagnosed with dementia, probably of the Alzheimer’s type. In 2003 we moved from Ft. Lauderdale, South Florida, to Lake Wales, Central Florida. From there I connected with a German online support group, which had just been founded and specialized in support for care partners.  Alex and I had no family or close friends near us – so this was, next to my beloved man, my most important relationship, all the way until Alex has passed away – and beyond; I’m now their moderator.

For almost twenty years I had worked with deaf people, some of them, the very oldest ones, had never been schooled, never learned to talk, to read and write. They taught me, they were, of course, fully human, and they were smart and able to communicate.

Prior to my years in Florida, I had been a horsewhisperer.  I also taught horseback riding Western Style, and that was how I met Alex first. He showed up at my place to become one of my best students, and he soon decided to marry me.

All my experiences with deaf and some mute folks, with horses, and with Alex when he didn’t talk anymore, have one thing in common: I understood I had to step out of my own perception of the world, and my own thinking and feeling about it, and try to experience how they saw and understood our shared world.

Thanks for reading this. Hope you enjoy meeting Alex!




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